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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  April 9, 2014 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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with no commercial interruption. don't miss an episode. weeknights 10:00 eastern. thanks for being with us. we'll see you back here tomorrow night. honestly, i'm pouring everything i have into this place.
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this is a fox news
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alert. sempers say they are closing in on flight 370. the australian ship, ocean shield, picking up two new pings. pings that could be from the missing plane's black box. what is the latest discovery mean for the search? for the latest, grn reporter roger maynard is live in sydney. roger, what's the latest? >> well, it certainly looks like the latest pings from mh 370 are -- may be coming from mh 370, i should say. no one is confirming that for sure. what we can say is that the latest pings reinforce the view of the ought strallian vessel ocean shield is searching the right area and may be in days of collecting the right wreckage. latest 5 minutes, seven minutes in duration. described as very stable and distinct signals. what's more, they were consistent with the signal from a black box flight recorder. pick up further signals to help pinpoint the exact location where the
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transmission is coming from this will enable them to further narrow the search which still covers the area of 50,000 square kilometers. greta? >> roger, if it's not the ping from the flight 370, what in the world could it possibly be? what mimic as black box ping. >> in the past few days they have picked up signals which have. but this -- these latest pings seem to indicate that they are genuinely from a black box flight recorder. authentic according to the experts. will they be able to send down that unmanned submarine. the american blue fenn 21 to try locate wrack damage. that also will create
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problems. confirm that there is anything down there obviously. and there is a lot of silt on the ocean bed apparently. this can be churned up by the american bluefin, on the ocean bed. complicated exercise and have a long way or certainly some days before we can confirm one way or the other is that these coming from mh 370. greta? >> thank you. now that searchers have detected more pings, what are the next steps locates the black box or other plane wreckage: team out on the ocean shield right now. mike joins us. nice to see you, mike. >> thank you. mike, i may be jumping way ahead, but, you know, we are always excited with these pings with the possibility. should the pings beblack box ane located. how do you get it up. the next step is if we were to confirm that we have, in fact, found the target,
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greta. what the wreckage field feels like. size of some of the pieces that might be down there. a completely different sweep of equipment. if it one vehicle. likely with our orion which is our 20,000-foot ocean search system and confirm, again, where the targets are and what are the highest possibility targets for finding those flight recorders. >> all right. and let's say analysis and all that analyzing the area. how do you get it up to the surface? >> obviously if you get lucky you find a flight recorder laying on the obama and you can pick it up with curve 21 and recover it to the surface. if it turns out that there is large pieces of wreckage. find the after tail section very likely that that's where we will. tail section with the black
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box send something down to try to extract and separate that tail section black box up alone. tail section after you lift the tail section off the obama. >> that is mammoth on a 7777. >> it is mammoth and 15,000 feet. it takes some very specialized equipment. but we have the equipment. we recovered entire heel lows from 19,000 feet before. we have capacity to make lifts from that depth it is a slowly and tedious process to get ready to make a lift like that. and we certainly have the people with the experience to do it. >> just hypothetically, if this is the right place, and let's say it is still stuck in the tail, if you started working on it tomorrow morning, when would you be able to raise that to the surface? when would that be coming up? >> looking realistically for a lift of a single piece from the time that you put a vehicle down there on it, you're looking at weeks to be ready to make a lift of that size. >> mike, thank you. >> sure.
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the blade runner back on the witness stand in murder trial and this time oscar pistorius facing a grueling cross-examination. the chief prosecutor pressing the former olympian to take responsibility for shooting his girlfriend to death in his bathroom and demanding pistorius look at a gruesome photo of reva steenkamp's bloodied head. >> take take responsibility for what you have done, mr. pistorius. >> milady i have taken responsibility. not waiting tell my story for respect for reva and for myself. i have taken responsibility. but i will not look at a picture where i'm tormented by what i saw. as i picked reva up my fingers touched her head. i don't have to look at a picture i was there. >> showed a video of pistorius shooting at a watermelon at gun range. prosecutor staying steenkamp exploded like that watermelon. defense calling the prosecutor's actions uncalled for. the trial is expected to it
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last for several more weeks. straight ahead, uh-oh. the plot thickens, a new lois lerner email surfaces. is this going to blow the irs scandal rite wide open? is lois lerner in deeper trouble? representative trey gowdy is here to talk about that i'm going to talk to you off-the-record. congress, president obama, and the irs. do we really need them? i will tell what you i mean off-the-record coming up. don't miss the fox news reporting special tomorrow at 10:00 p.m. eastern. terror strikes back. terror strikes boston. boston strikes back. tomorrow at 10:00 p.m. (dad) well, we've been thinking about it and we're just not sure. (agent) i understand. (dad) we've never sold a house before. (agent) i'll walk you guys through every step. (dad) so if we sell, do you think we can swing it? (agent) i have the numbers right here and based on the comps that i've found, the timing is perfect. ...there's a lot of buyers for a house like yours. (dad) that's good to know. (mom) i'm so excited.
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this is a fox news alert. police have just identified the suspect in the mass stabbing at a pennsylvania high school. accord toghtsd associated press, police say is he 16-year-old alex rival. police say the teen went on a stabbing spree at a school near pittsburgh this morning. 23 students and school security officer were hurt, some critically and now rival is charged as an
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aindictment with attempted homicide and aggravated assault. and should lois lerner be worried tonight that she is going to it today the house ways and means committee voting to justice department to consider criminal prosecution against the former irs official. lerner is considered the key witness in the irs targeting scandal. so far she has refused to answer any questions. >> laws were broken. >> i have not broken any laws. >> constitutional rights were violated. >> i have not done anything wrong. >> this was definitely a political decision. >> lois lerner targeted conservative groups because of their conservative beliefs. >> on the advice of my counsel. >> she was not truthful with congress. >> i respectfully exercise my fifth amendment right and decline to answer that question. >> this is part of the republican campaign. >> if lois lerner would come forward and testify, we might know the answer. >> and get, this included in the evidence of the ways and
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means committee sent to the justice department an email lois lerner sent to irs colleagues. in the the email, lerner saying, and this was in january of 2013, she was hoping to get a job at the dc office of president obama's advocacy group, organizing for action. and then tomorrow the house rule oversight committee will vote whether to hold learner contempt it. representative trey gowdy joins us. good evening, sir. >> yes, yes, ma'am. how are you? >> the story broke she said in response for something organizing for america. oh, maybe i can get a d.c. office job. i don't know if she is being flip and funny or trying to curry favor. your thought? >> well, it would be a whole lot funnier if she wasn't targeting crossroads at the same time she was, in essence, applying or amusing about applying for a job with a left leaning entity. one of the allegations of ways and means is that she violated people's rights
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under cover of law. the crossroads conservancy advocacy group frank solid overwhelming. all i have seen is just the letter. but it's overwhelming from my judgment that she targeted conservative groups. >> is she going to jail? >> you are going to have to ask attorney general holder. i will stay this, the notion that there is not one smidgen of criminality or corruption which is what the president told us on super bowl sunday has been totally debunked by what ways and means has done. i have to trust that the career prosecutor is going to look at this seriously. and i think that at least a prima facie case has been made for two separate criminal violations. >> you know, what i don't get. get attorney general eric holder can he pull the plug on it and stop it from there. you have got president obama saying the smidgen comment. basically that it's over. that there is nothing there. that was in february of this year. and then just today we get this email that she says maybe can i get a job in the
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d.c. office job with organizing for america, it really is, enough is enough. i don't know how eric holder cannot at send this to a grand jury for investigation. maybe there is no criminal involvement but sure enough to send to a grand jury. i think there is. >> i do too. yesterday there was exchange between the attorney general and louie gohmert. he did take it seriously didn't agree with it treated unfairly but took it seriously. hopefully he takes his legacy as this nation's top law enforcement official seriously. when you have ways and means -- it's one thing to kind of minimize oversight as a bunch of crazy prosecutors. this is ways and means which is a very well respected committee. they sent three separate referrals to the department of justice. >> you know, i guess it must frustrate you ases a former
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assistant united states attorney. i hear in your voice we have had conversations it's like pulling teeth to try to get information. it's the most frustrating, you know, it's like you can't get the information out of the irs. and in order for you to get a subpoena, you have got to beg from a -- you know, it's just incredible. >> then you have commissioner saying we will get you emails in a couple of years. can you imagine if you told a judge that you were going to do something for him or her in a couple of years. or if you sent a grand jury subpoena and private citizen said y., i will get around to that when i feel like it. yes, it is very frustrating. and, yeah, i miss my old job but i'm sure some days you miss your old job too. >> some days actually, some days i do. you know, though, that whole business about the emails, if someone drops a subpoena on fox news channel and i have been here 12 and some changes. 12 years and some change. if you drop and ask all me emails. i'm a big emailer.
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i bet fox could get together all 12 years of my emails and deliver them by 9:00 tomorrow morning. >> oh, at a monday mum they would have them by the end of the week or, you know, maybe worse case scenario the end of the month. nobody would say i will get them to you in a couple of years. greta, the problem is, whatever resmedz or tools that we have at our disposal for ensuring compliance we won't use. we won't make him sit there until there is a document produced. we won't john kerry sit!é!j there until they give us what we want on benghazi. we have certain tools at our disposal. we just won't use them. as a former prosecutor it is frustrating. >> is that leadership? i know, you want it, and i know you have tried -- is that leadership? >> i think if speaker boehner were here, he would tell you that he has to weigh and balance a lot of factors that a back bencher does not have to weigh and balance. i think that's what he would tell. >> you representative, nice to see you, sir. >> yes, ma'am, do you.
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-- you too. >> let's go off-the-record for a minute. i know how to get to the obama of the irs scandal. crowd sourcing. the irs should just turn over all the records and emails to us. we will dump them on the internet and let the crowd sourcing begin. we can scour them and get real answers and real fast. forget congress. there is no sense of urgency there. congress is getting answers. it's like taking forever, drip, drip, drip, like are on quay lewds. not getting audited or tax exempt status. no rush. president obama says he loves transparency. is he no help. he decides what happened before the facts are known and expects us to accept his pronouncement. remember his no smidgen of corruption crack? just today, after the smidgen remark, we learned of an email where lois lerner, of course is, angling for a job with president obama's political group organizing for action. now, that's cozy. i know the irs too, they are not going to like my idea. in fact, they are going to hate it and say can't do. they are protecting the
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privacy interest of taxpayers. get a way around that one, too. tea party groups and others suspecting they were targeted may just want to waive their privacy rights. they are fed up with the irs. and they don't, for one second, think the irs is their pal. now, suddenly protecting them when for the last six years they have been their target. so, it's our turn to help. the american people crowd sourcing. i bet the targeted trust the american people more than they trust congress, the president. and the irs all rolled into one. let's get privacy waivers. let's put it all on the internet. transparency and see where the chips may fall. that's my off-the-comment tonight. and coming up, it's not just the targeting scandal. irs workers now under investigation for other illegal activity. what are they accused of now? the latest is next. and a nearly naked woman running wild through a mcdonald's. what in the world was she doing? was it your mcdonald's? you will see for yourself. more of this bizarre video coming up.
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not just the targeting scandal now irs workers are accused of being campaign cheerleaders for president obama. a government watchdog pursuing cases in irs offices suspected of illegal political activity in support of president obama and other democrats. what exactly are they accused of doing. our political panel is back. rick cline, washington examiner chief political correspondent byron york and the "wall street journal" mary kissel. rick, this is probably the last thing the irs needed to find out they have obama cheerleaders with bumper stickers all over their computers and doing politicking on office time in the office? >> yeah. there is a pretty strict prohibition against this the hatch act more than a century old. it prevents government employees from doing political work, using government resources on government time. this one from the reading of it and from what's out there so far looks like a pretty clear violation. you are right, in the context of the irs scandal. it is the last thing that anyone associated with the
11:43 pm
obama administration wants to be talking about right now. when you have this example out there, there are such strong suspicions out there. i think the irs always engenders that particularly during tax season. when you have the back drop of this candle involving lobbyist lerner and the irs tea party it only exacerbates its suspicions something out of back going on. >> office plastered with president obama stickers. urges taxpayers to reelect. repeatedly chants based on last name. irs employee had a 14 day suspension for blasting republicans in a conversation with a taxpayer. none of these -- none of these accusation or agencies violation of the hatch act are on the flip side of e political aisle. they are not saying that they're cheerleading for the republicans, byron. >> no. you cannot look at this he's of the context of the iris scandal. when you have news today that the director of the tax
11:44 pm
exempt division, lois lerner actually mentioned, maybe she wasn't totally serious. but she mentioned going to work for organizing for action which is the group that continued the work of the obama campaign after the election. you can't look at what's going at some of these branch offices without thinking of what's going on at the main office in washington and that's why i think you are going to see members of congress looking and asking for information to see if there is more of this going on around the country. they know, they believed that the sort -- the permanent bureaucracy of the government leans democratic. i think they are going to want to know more about this. >> i guess the irs has a lot of explaining to do. >> they do have a the love explaining to do. it's good that they are cracking down on such overt political activity. i would encourage everybody to go online and read this letter about lobbyist lerner. it's public. you can read how she named groups by name evading the
11:45 pm
inspector general's questions and more. one thing everybody should be on the lookout for. the obama administration is trying to codify what the irs did when it targeted conservative groups into a new rule. now, they said we're postponing it it. and that just came out last week. the irs chief john kochisin we are going to. they didn't say woe are going to stop this effort. >> i think that the congress should give immunity to everybody who worked beneath or is a junior to lois lerner and then haul them all to capitol hill to testify with immunity. not immunity for lois lerner but for everyone who worked for her and see what they have to say. that's my thought. panel, thank you. >> thanks, greta. >> straight ahead. senator lindsey graham accusing former acting cia director mike morell of lying about
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okay. mike morell, clapper. a lot of people say he lied when he testified. have the house who can't seem to get email documents out of the irs, taking forever. lois lerner took the fifth last may and they still haven't resolved it, even as of today. so, what in the world, how are you going to get answers to any of this. >> well, we need a select committee in the house to look at the cia, the state department, and the department of defense as one unit. mike morell testified last welcome he mislead the committee. >> mislead or lied? i mean, like mislead seems -- you said lied at one point. >> yeah, well, he lied to me. he said he corrected the record regarding the meeting he had with me, mccain and ayotte. you know, susan rice wanted to talk to the three of us to convince us that she gave the best evidence as to what happened in benghazi on 16
11:51 pm
september. when she said it was a protest, no al qaeda attack caused by hateful video. she brought mike morell, the number two at the time acting director of the cia eventually to explain to us why the intelligence justified what she said. sometime in the meeting, i asked him do you know who changed the talking points? then he started talking about the fbi taking al qaeda out of the talking points. because they didn't want to compromise ongoing criminal investigation. later they called back my office and said no, that wasn't right. the fbi didn't take the talking -- al qaeda out of the talking points, somebody at the cia did. what he should have said. >> not naming morell. >> right, exactly. what he should have said, senator, i changed over 50% of the talking points. i coordinated my response with the white house. i'm the one who changed the talking points i'm the one who took references to al qaeda out and put extremist in. i'm the one that put demonstrations in that never occurred. >> what are you going to do?
11:52 pm
>> i will tell you what, let me just say. this john boehner is a good friend. he says he wants to get to the obama of benghazi and i believe every word of it. >> this late? >> can i tell you oh yes, susan rice must be called as a witness now. let me tell you why. mr. morell said that when susan rice on 16 september said that the protests was caused by video, mr. morell said the cia never told her that a video caused a protest. where did she get the information about a video? she also said that the con salute was strongly substantially and significantly secured. who told her that? that's not in the talking points. here is what i would say to speaker boehner there is a conflict of interest all staring us in the face. the lead investigator for the republican house intel committee is now in business with mike morell. the lead investigator of the house republican intelligence committee is also in business with hillary clinton's gate
11:53 pm
keeper. i think this justifies a new process and a new look. you're losing a lot of information by doing this in a segmented fashion. if you had had the station chief at this hearing when the station chief auto school -- at this hearing. it would have made mike morell's testimony look differently. >> i have got to go or we are going to get cut off. >> i'm sorry. >> that's all right. nice to see you sir. >> we need a select committee. >> and now it's time to show you what we are watching. put together the most fascinating videos out there. a half naked woman's rampage caught on cam rand going viral. emptying a cabinet on the floor and helping herself so-to-soft serve ice cream. charged with criminal mischief and mcdonald's employees who posted that video online have been fired. who can forget san francisco's that kid last year scott captured our attention when this make-a-wish foundation made miles a real life super his
11:54 pm
or her for the day. another big day for miles he got to throw out the first pinch at the san francisco giants opening game. he is our little giants hero. miles scott. thank you, miles, enjoy the game. >> the ball took a few bounces. nothing wrong with that it did eventually get to the catcher. that's what we're watching tonight if you want to see more of the videos we just showed you, go to wisconsin governor scott walker news. there have been lots of rumors. tonight, we know what he has decided. the latest is next. don't forget to watch hannity tonight at 10:00 p.m. eastern. sean talks with nevada ranch his or her threat
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test test bill o'reilly is next. but, first, get ready to speed read your way through the news. a student celebration at iowa state university turning into a riot. the crowd of hundreds getting violent.
11:59 pm
blocking streets. one student seriously hurt when he got hit by a late pole. wisconsin governor scott walker may be heading back to college to finish his degree. he left marquette university the senior year to work for the red cross. now the milwaukee sentinel says governor walker is looking at getting hits complom through the university of milwaukee online. is he waiting for the right program to be offered. new warning about an internet security bug, it's called heart bleed and it has reportedly exposed millions of user names, pass words and credit card numbers. heart bleed flaw encryption used by two thirds of web servers. cyber criminal could say exploit the bug to access your personal data. that's tonight's speed read. thank you for being with us tonight. right now go to and answer this question. do you agree with my idea of using crowd sourcing? do you people right to privacy with the irs. should we leave it to the government to investigate? go to and vote in our poll. up next, the o'reilly
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factor, good night from new york city and tomorrow night, i will see from you washington, d.c. our usual spot. good night. tonight on "red eye." >> coming up on "red eye" is this giant life-like replica of david hasselhoff creepy, super creepy or really super creepy? and how does joe biden feel about being voted silliest human by the supreme galactic council? >> down here that is not meant as a compliment, but i'm proud of it. >> and finally, zamboni machine. should you get one now before they sellout? the story cnbc refuses to cover. >> and now let's welcome our guests. she is so greek college men keep trying to rush her. i am here with andrea